A healthier future starts this autumn

Get your free tips and resources to get out cycling and walking this autumn.

Keep the kids motivated with our games for an active school run. Find information on your local paths and trails for an autumnal bike ride or walk. Get practical advice on using and looking after your bike. Discover new routes on the National Cycle Network ready to be explored.

As the days get shorter and the weather cooler, it’s all too easy to walk and cycle less.

But this year is different.

You’ve seen the benefits of walking and cycling to your communities in lockdown.

A fitter, healthier you. Being connected to friends, family and nature. Safer, quieter streets. More space to move. Cleaner air.

We’re here to keep the momentum going. Our free resources will help you make the most of being active, ready for a new year and a greener future.

And we’ll be working hard to keep driving forward this positive change for everyone.

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